A German corporation provides a loan of 50 thousand euros to refugees


A German company offers a loan of 50 thousand euros to refugees
European banks allow refugees with the help of a private company to withdraw a loan of up to 50 thousand euros, and whoever wants this method must be resident in Germany and under the auspices of the Job Center.

Every refugee who takes care of the social will reject most of their applications because they are not allowed to work in German companies. There is a better chance for every refugee to withdraw the loan from the bank than to withdraw the amount from any other method.

When you are in financial crisis and want to solve your problem or want to open a small project in Germany, office, project or anything else

The benefits
Through this company, you can return the amount for a period that exceeds a month and a half and without any interest on you, and even if you have interest, it does not exceed 1.57% of the amount.

In fact, this method is used by many refugees, now they use this method comfortably and easily.

Apply for the loan
To know the company and requests to apply to and register with it from here .

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