Study: 6.3 million families deserve social housing


News – Many families are currently searching for opportunities to obtain social housing due to their low income.

The Pestel Research Institute presented a study, which revealed that 6.3 million families are entitled to subsidized housing, which is about 700,000 more than eight years ago.

And according to the research institute. In recent years, many people have moved to the cities, where rents have risen sharply.

The head of the industrial association of Bowen-Agrar-Umwelt, Fejer, told the news agency that the social gap is deepening further in the housing market.

He added that more social housing and wages are needed to keep up with housing prices, by 2030, 160,000 permanent social housing will have to be created annually, which the union commissioned the study.

The number of cheap social housing has decreased for years, despite billions of state funding, at the end of 2018, there were about 1.2 million social housing.

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