Calculating points … a simple home test to make sure you haven’t been injured


The Ministry of Health announced a mathematical equation to find out if you are infected with Coronavirus, or not, by using the points calculation system to deal with symptoms of infection.

If you develop any symptoms; The following points calculation system followed by the ministry must be used:

Temperature rise more than ۳۸ ° C = 2

Severe or increasing cough = 2

Severe sore throat = 1

Vomiting or diarrhea = 0

Chronic disease: diabetes, pressure, heart, kidney, etc. = 1

Contact with acute respiratory infection = 4

Visiting a healthy place with a positive case = 3

Being a worker in the health sector or isolation = 2

If the total points are as follows:

4 or less: You are not injured, but you must stay at home .. Isolate home, as a precaution.

5: Consult a doctor by phone.

6 or more: please contact the concerned authorities with the health emergency number 105, due to the possibility of infection … the need for treatment and the start of the isolation procedures.

And the Ministry of Health and Population had published an infographic, entitled “When to call the hotline or go to the fever hospital” if you suspect that you have Corona.

The ministry said: “The symptoms of corona are completely similar to the symptoms of a cold or flu, such as fever, coughing and shortness of breath, so that any person with these symptoms is the most important need to rest at home and do not have anything.

She added: “Well, when would I call the hotline or go to a fever hospital? .. If you were in contact with a positive case for analyzing the Corona virus, and you had symptoms: coughing and shortness of breath, especially with the high temperature, even if I came from outside during the past 14 days, especially If the virus spreads and you have symptoms. “

And she continued: “If you were one of the workers or frequenting places to provide health care and for whom positive cases were discovered to analyze the Corona virus and symptoms appeared on you, even if one of those working in tourism and travel, especially if in one of the tourist facilities that confirmed cases of the emerging corona infection were discovered. “

The health affirmed: “In this way, protect yourself from mixing and unnecessarily disembarking, as well as challenging the opportunity for a person with corona that he can quickly seek help.”

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